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Business Valuation

We assist our clients valuate its business with a general process of determining the economic value of a whole business. Business valuation is important to help improving the company performance.

Business owners are able to negotiate a tactical sale of their entity, plan an exit strategy, acquire financing, and reduce the financial risk during litigation.

There are many ways a business value can be established, including market value, asset-based value, ROI-based method, discounted cash flow (the income approach), capitalization of earnings, multiples of earnings (times-revenue method), book value, and market capitalization.

Intercounbix – our team of specialists work with our clients to provide cutting edge services in the field of business advice to meet their business objectives.

Business Advisory

We help our client make important business decisions to stimulate long-term growth by planning and executing various business strategies to improve efficiency in the operational and financial management of businesses.

We also help our client to manage risk by performing risk analysis and consumer behavioral analysis.

Business Restructuring

We help our client in planning business restructuring activity, in the form of acquisitions, business expansion, business merger, and business separation.

Business restructuring aims to improve the financial and operational efficiency of a company.

In order for it to be successful, restructuring a business should be approached in an individual manner or corporation, taking into account the company’s current financial and operational position, the likely short- and medium-term outlook, as well as the objectives for the company’s future.